Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

The MOLTEN AFTERGLOW – of real man SEX!

It simply cannot be mistaken, my friend, and you know it!

There are TWO feelings – or three, rather. Hehe. But we’ll focus on two first! – that are PRICELESS- and cannot be replicated.

First, for men, that truly EARTH SHATTERING orgasm – and the “laugh” – the UNCONTROLLED laugh after the orgasm as if to say “what the fuck!”

That black stud, slim black dude I once wrote about with the beautiful dong, curved up – so NICE! That chest so SEXY! – pumping away at the girl, then her cuckold’s mouth, and finally – a massive load long coming, so massive that even though he was balls deep in his throat, his pubic hair literally IN the cuck’s nose – MY! So SEXY! – and therefore the cum BLASTED down cuck throat as it should – it still spilled!

And, the best part?

His laugh later, as his dick remained hard, a HUGE blob of man juice still hanging off as the cuck timidly licked it off, without being asked (key!) – oh my!

I ALWAYS talk about that sort of thing with my wife, and the girl in the vidoe laughed sardonically while caressing the black guy’s chest!

Thats going to be a BIG part of your sex life from here on in!


But that is one of them, the second?

For females, that lovely BLISS you feel, that EYES AGAPE staring post – or during, remember, females can have continuous orgasms – that hill you NEVER slide off – lying there, in UTTER BLISS and ectasy – eyes SPARKLING – that AFTERGLOW of being BANGED – nothing replaces it!

And not even anal, I mean vaginal, coital SEX!

With a a real man that can STAY hard, not yours truly that “oh God, he’s limp again!”


And of course, these two feelings cannot be replicated.

As my wife lies there, and as I so want to press her shins NOW (last night her knees and ankles were hurting from all her extra weight, though I dared not say it!) … I can SMELL the sex coming off her!

Lying there with legs spread WIFE open, skirt hiked up without a CARE (although yesterday she was telling another lady to CARE, hehe, because her butt was showing or what not) – WIDE open, I should say, though WIFE also works!! Hehe. – eyes GLAZED and whole Body RELAXED — OH MY!

(I still remember Madam Ashley once telling me when I asked her about wifi. 

“I dont think you have a wife!” 

Hehe. ) 

And the cum oozing out of that hairy pussy, so NICE!

And, the SATISFACTION, almost orgasmic, she gets on spending money EXCLUSIVELY on herself!

Every girl knows what I mean by the above two, so does every sissy. Hehe.

And everyone knows what I mean by the title above…

You cannot fake it.

And as a sissy and cuckold, there is NO better feeling than to serve – while observing – and FEELING IT!

Well, maybe one …

We’ll get into that in the PS.

For now, thats it.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – To combine the MINDBLOWING bliss of continual orgasms, each cresting HIGHER THAN THE OTHER – and sheer PLEASURE of the same – well, do what SissyGasm Central tells you to. Truly mind BLOWING especially combined with blowjobs, and other activities.

And, for studs and cucks alike!

Indian Femdom

What I do to make my wife’s job easier…

Not that she has a lot of ’em, many, or any!

Finances, well, we all know whose responsible. Hehe.

But she works “part time” as a recruiter, and it’s an insanely frustrating job at the best of times, especially these days.

Now, something I’ve often said about recruiters and it’s true – for the most part, theyre about as useful as screen doors on a submarine. Hehe.

My wife used to be a recruiter back in the day too, and I still remember Madam sending me off on a job interview (back when I DID work a job) “because it may work out” – she hadn’t even looked at my resume. Hehe.

She did, however, call me and remind me not to wear jeans to the interview!

Misplaced priorities – or lesson to be learnt in the future – you decide! Hehe.

The way she tutored me on the phone, I still remember (chortling). Hehe.

Anyway ………

As she deals with her job, I dont just massage her legs, feet, back and all that – I dont just wash her feet while she works, and give her pedicures.

Often times, and especially NOW as she lies there, that BIG, expanding , VOLPTOUS ass in those extra large shorts which are also getting tight, the flab of the stomach SO VISIBLE she lies there in THAT profound pose, soles at the ceiling – oh my! – …

I’ll kiss the back of her legs, calves, feet, repeatedly, I’ll keep rubbing them, but most of all – I’ll lick her ass – her rosebud – and kiss those lovely ass cheeks over and over again until a point. 

SOmetimes I’ll give her head in both areas too!

But all of this was hard for to “tolerate” without getting SO aroused she didnt want to work – back in the day.

Now, she’s SO into femdom and femdom wise its so NORMAL For her i.e. what would be deemed as me treating her as a Queen is just “normal” for her (so it should be – Femdom Progressions is another great idea for a new book, along with “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” – maybe book #3 in that series!) …

… that she’s aroused, she loves it, but continues to work!

And I continue to kiss, lap, until she demands or wants more …

I have the smell of her ass on my LIPS right – RIPE with …she recently took a shit too. a Dump. Call it what you will. She cleaned, obviously, but the very thoughts, the spectacle, and the “taste” – it’s different! 


And I should know that, so should Pooja Memsahib … JI!

I better get back to sucking her toes now!

Y’all get the books above, and some Indian femdom stuff – you will LOVE Them.


Mike Watson

PS – Odes to Rachna Ma’am – another book in the works, for now, you can read 25 Odes to Pooja Memsahib… JI! – along with the above!

Indian Femdom

Massaging and worshipping my wife’s rolls of fat, that…

I’ve said before – my wife is so dominant and rude she could almost be a man – except without the penis!

Loud. Domineering. Bratty. And so NICE for all of that, especially the way she is lazy, hates housework, and how the FOOT is always plonked up on the desk, how she literally yells at me from the other room like I’m her bitch (I am!!) – how I cant sleep at night even after massaging her feet, how I want to press her head after that, how Iwant to serve her SO, how I LOVE her with other men with long cocks – and so forth!

I’ve spoken before about rolls of fat. And rightly so, and lazy Goddesses, who should be lazier!

And my wife – well, I’ve spoken about her so much too!

And that paunch of hers, it literally hangs like a man’s beer belly – and she literally slaps (massages) it as she walks about.

(just like a certain Pooja Memsahib… JI!)

Reminds of the WWE Wrestler Kamala back in the day, big, huge black guy clad only in a loin cloth striding out to the ring slapping his stomach – huge tummy – to loud roars from the audience!

No, he never took the loin cloth off, so I Cannot tell you more details! Hehe.

Think away though. 😉

But the experiences I’ve detailed in Sin City Diaries, the massage girls, they’d often massage my stomach too – albeit trim and toned – and its anything but the “slapping” which a lot of Chinese massage entails. Chinese face massage, leg massage involves a lot of SLAPPING – literally – and onlookers – especially foreign devils – sometimes dont understand why the the Chinese do this – well, it has to do with lymph nodes, circulation, PRESSURE points (acupuncture) – and more!

Press those soles well, boy!

Do NOT “crush” then – press with FINGERS!

I knew there was a reason – two of them – Madam Carol showed up in a dream last night but more on that later… Hehe.

Fat stomachs (she didnt really have one that fat) -(a little “plump” as she said, happy with me!) – and the guy in the dream, huge and TRULY FAT and now I’m writing about this. Hehe.

But anyway, stomach massage is meant to be done differently. I wanted to tell my wife that, but she might have slapped me in the morning if I told her. Hehe. SO I didnt.

But that big fat stomach lends itself so well to femdom, SO WELL!

Lazy, fat, entitled, domineering, and bratty.

What more could a man ask for from a woman?

And that, my friend is that.

Paye Lagu, Ma’am. You’re such a Queen and perfect Goddess!


Mike watson

Indian Femdom

Pressing Jyoti’s legs as she sneered at me, talking…

Madam! MADAM! PAYE LAGU! If those soles dont make you drop down and worship, boy, I dont know what will!
Indian Femdom

My wife truly looks so MESMERIZING – in the…

I still remember a certain Rod Steiger in a movie I once saw The Specialist – where an old man (Steiger) was sitting in a deep couch, and needed assistance from a younger guy to get up.

“Owwww, these deep couches” , I remember him saying in his CLASSIC accent.  (as the other guy helped him up)

That was a classic movie in many ways, hehe – some good and some not so.

I’ve sat in those couches before – theyre comfortable for sure, but NOT that great for the back. Personally, I’ll squat like a servant all day if I had the choice – for reasons both good – and .. well, excellent!

Which brings me to my wife.

Seated in that sofa, lazy as hell always, always on her phone, ONE fat leg splayed out – and the foot, the sole, ALWAYS TALKING and beckoning!

Often times she is so lazy she wont even point, she just wags her foot in whatever direction she wants me to go, look, or talk!

And, she’ll do the classic “sole talk” – she KNOWS – now, after many years – how much it turns me on as a sub!

That is a variant of the PROFOUND POSE – one of them in the book

It’s almost the same, but the way she does it with ONE foot – one sole – SCRUNCHING THAT LOVELY LONG SOLE!!! – it’s classic!

Ma’am paye lagu! 

It never ever fails to bring me to my KNEES – literally – not that I’m not always there anyway!

Pressing her legs, washing her feet, massaaging those soles for HOURS as the hours pass…

Ma’am, apke charan kitne sunder hai!

She’s Indian, so I’m saying it in her language! (another cardinal rule of femdom – or anything, really, if you want the other person to really reciprocate).

What else can I say.

Her belly – like a beer belly, hanging out – her SOLES – all of it make me SO WEAK! 

And along with Pooja Memsahib, the two keep me very busy!

Paye lagu, MAdam … JI!

I live to kiss your feet, lick the soles, suck your toes … and, well, thank you at EVERY opportunity I get, so many reasons why …

… main reason?

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – To learn about how CRAVEN I was in my submission to Pooja Memsahib, a book that receives rave reviews almost daily, get the book NOW.

Indian Femdom

I just cannot stop thinking about Pooja Memsahib… JI!

Ever since I saw her a couple of days ago, lazy, fat, bitchy – and YELLING – she’s been on my mind !

I tried to do other things to get her off my mind, but it wouldn’t – didnt – and shouldn’t work. Hehe.

Femdom is never far away from anything I do!

(and, attracting on auto pilot). Anyway, I was thinking of sharing this on Twitter, this is more a brief “ramble” – but maybe itll make sense.

Actually, if you’re a TRUE femdom lover it’ll make perfect sense!

But just the thought of Ma’am, sitting there …. one foot either dangling or SPLAYED out – SOLE showing, Madam’s fat stomach, the ROLLS of fat, and the SWELL OF THOSE LOVELY BREASTS, oh my! – and best of all, completely UNCONCERNED with what the world thinks of her! (which is the BEST PART!) (and the way she LOOKS at me, stares HOLES THROUGH ME!) 

Actually, she IS concerned.

But she’s not. hehe.

She is such a dominating over 50 year old lady, I almost leak in my pants – and almost CAME the other day LOOKING AT HER – specifically  those ANKLES Ive so served!

She is such a Queen, I’d kiss the rolls of fat forever…

And on the rare occasion she touches my nipples – my.

I’m the guy that wrote Nipplegasm Central, but Pooja Memsahib’s touches – and TWEAKS – are like NOTHING even I’ve felt!

She is SO REGAL!

And the best way YOU Can show your support for Pooja is by buying the book devoted to her HERE

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

Paye LAgu!


Mike Watson

PS – And yes, you’ll read all about how I served her in the book above!

Here is a brief REVIEW

“I think ‘Pooja Memsahib Ji!’ it is much more than a simple traditional erotic novel where most of the time, the plot focuses only on sex, sex and sex, highlighting the anatomical dimension of eroticism, and this book is much more than that.

Personally, I had never read an erotic novel in which the “inner universe” stood out above other things (I think you get the point, hehe) that is unleashed by male sexual arousal caused by a really beautiful, imperious and above all dominant woman ( hehe) like Pooja. “

And here is another –

For “Serving an Indian Goddess” – the most outstanding and only one of it’s kind book out there on Indian femdom! (though check out the rest too – equally great!) 

Volume 2 – I’m interested in the content as it is an issue that is currently frequented among people, the BDSM world and its branches, emerging everyday new ways to satiate and satisfy everyone’s inner and most intimate desires. Still not to be open and widely shared with anyone as there’s yet taboos and prejudices about this sort of trends and likes.

So delving into contents of this matter is a good way for me to learn, integrate, and spread out a little bit on them. And so is, anyone else who will read……………. 

Sergio Daza Vanero (Spain)

Volume 1 (he sent it in in that order, 2 first!) – My personal thought from what I have went through so far of this first part of the saga is the atonishment I have from the shifting of the dominant, ruthless and indifferent Priyanka that I got to know in the sequel to the yet polite, gentle and caring one that I’m writting down the translation of at this moment. It’s intriguing to find out the character’s development from one point to the other.

And plenty more reviews via the link above.

Golly, I’m glad I didnt Twitter this, this deserves a post of it’s own! Hehe.

That thing about following  INSTINCT . . .

Indian Femdom

My snoring wife…

Well not “I never sleep” – as I wrote in the subtitle up there, but I sleep after her. Hehe.

Only after Madam goes to sleep – well!

Not the “fitful” sleep you have before, only after she’s snoring happily – tucked in bed, with only FEET visible, of course, and the ends of her blue granny pajamas.

“Maam, puri rat apke per dabane me jo maza and satisfaction hai, I’m so HAPPY!”

(Ma’am, I’m so honored and happy to press your feet (and I love it!) all night long!” 

This might sound incredible to most, a person “slaving” away at his wife’s feet – she sleeps comfortably, he presses her legs, feet, repetitively as the long hours pass, sitting at the foot of the bed, in an uncomfortable position.

But as Madam Sugar knows, I’ve been in far more uncomfortable positions. Hehe. I once had my ears tied to the bed posts, and I was staring at her soles and pressing them all night long!

But anyway …

(and wives used to do it for their husbands in times bygone anyway!)

And – anyway – as the hours pass, as I keep staring at her soles, each “press” and massage making them almost shine in the dark, talk MORE to me, as I press those calves, sometimes hairy, always FAT … as she rests, snores …

… the unsexiest thing ever?

Probably to most.

To us fetish folks – well unsexy to SOME – “one man’s meat is … another man’s poison” was the saying? I dont know, something like that, but it holds true here.

I’m so honored to press her feet all night long, its the best thing ever!

And to be humiliated all day long…

Not to mention, “pressing her feet all night long” is a fantasy for most foot lovers out there, but how many actually LIVE it – DO IT?

How many have FELT what it FEELS LIKE TRULY – mentally and physically – and overall?

Not many at all, I’d say!

It is such an honor to massage her feet all night long – not just a fantasy – DOING IT! AS the hours pass, the submissiveness GROWS… I SO LOVE IT!

One of those things you gotta DO TO EXPERIENCE – simple as that!

And I’m lucky enough to have done it, and keep doing it, and always will – I will always cherish it!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji – youre the best!

Best ,


PS – THAT is the vein in which the Indian Goddess series, hugely successful for a reason and a valid one – was written! Grab it now, you’ll love it.

PS #2 – To attract femdom in real life to you, follow the tips in this book, and you cannot go wrong, period (no pun!).

Indian Femdom

Why I so love giving my wife daily pedicures

And sometimes multiple times a day – even though Madam often, for her own amusement makes me DRINK the water in which I just washed her feet!

Extreme, perhaps?

But such a turn on, nothing is too extreme in terms of true femdom, and it took her a while to work up to it.

(Hint – Bozos globally, if you approach your woman and ask her like a certain Schofield Scammer in Brum (Birmingham) once did “Ma’am, I want to wash your feet and drink the water”) – well, you’ll likely get slapped or blocked or both.

Do it right, like yours truly does, well, the results are there for ALL TO SEE!


Not just because of fetish, not just because I love serving her.

But because, as Madam Carol once sagely said as I was pressing her feet (with lotion) after a long drive…

“I need it!” 

“The left foot more!” 

(because of the driving. Oddly enough, I think I not only drove that entire trip, but also held her umbrella at certain “angles” as I was instructed to, so the rays of the setting sun did not hit her pristine skin. SO NICE!)

And with my wife?

Well, her feet just tend to get so dirty, her soles so cracked every time she goes out – even in shoes!

So I give her a pedicure today, and the soles – and the cracks around the heels are apparent a few hours later!

And to any self respecting sissy, thats terrible, his Madam having cracked soles!

So, as Madam Lucy once told me.

“BEcause your Madam needs them!”

And … thats the very essence of femdom.

Doing it for her, because SHE needs or wants it, not necessarily you – believe me, I’d rather be kissing her soles sometimes!

But the sheer joy of SERVING her as she laughs, relaxes further into a dominant mindset (more than she already is) – the sheer joy, bliss and pleasure is … well, INDESCRIBABLE.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji.

You’re so NICE!


Mike Watson?

PS – Learn how to attract true and LASTING femdom to yourself with the tips and tricks in this book.

Indian Femdom

My wife’s favorite word, so it should be, and…

Most wont.

And surprisingly enough, or maybe not – most of the jackasses that call themselves true femdom lovers (a certain Glyn Schofield who never seems to get enough of being “outed“! Ugh – leads that pack) – have no clue what it is.

They’ll keep searching for it.

It’s this, that! Honey! My dear! Lovely!

I want to kiss your feet!

And so forth.

The inanity, and idiocy, and then these bozos wonder why they neither ever really true lasting femdom of the sort they CRAVE DEEP DOWN INSIDE – and why women keep blocking them left right and center – and why despite not “trying” its the opposite for me. Hehe.

I’m literally have to fight to see which lady slaps me the FIRST!

I so love that! Thank you, Ma’am- all of you! Muah! ?

But really, its a four letter word.

It begins with S.

It’s NOT a five letter word, so sissy – NO (like I say in sissy Central, if thats all you focus on from the get go, you’re going to get blocked, period).

It is … what?


Thats right.


And it’s my wife’s favorite word, every time I send her money from China – or Moneygram it – whichever way – I write that.

And she loves it – the only thing she LOVES about my sissy self, my ability to make money, and boatloads of it at will almost, seemingly willy nilly, hehe.

Rachna Ma’am, Paye lagu!

And as she lays there, vagina in full view, she KNOWS I’ll do nothing but stare at her feet and legs. Hehe.

“They’re my legs, boy!” she just taunted. “Dont look!”

but Maam knows I’ll look anyway.


Anyway, thats the lesson a lot of you need to learn, something I keep telling you, something Madam Venus told me so often, something that i true.

MONEY is the most important thing.

Without that, you have nothing.

If you truly want her to be a Queen and Goddess, then SEND – and send NOW!

Same thing for a lot of you on the list, that stay on here for freebies, and have no intentions of ever purchasing a product, then send me whiny emails like “Yes Ma’am”, or “Ma’am please”.

For some reason, the Indian femdom list has a lot more of those types than the other list. Hehe.

And so, I’m sending this here.

Being a cheapskate doesnt cut it, fella.

And if you truly want to prove you’re not, then those of you that have been lurking – you know who you are – get off the fence – and do NOW.


My wife’s favorite word comes into play every time you do, you’re paying her in reality, not me!



Mike Watson

PS – Bestselling books and manuals – plenty to choose from. The first one you must get is here –  (and if you still insist on being El Cheapo, do unsubscribe NOW).

And, Submissive Musings is what any REAL FEMDOM (and therefore FINDOM) lover needs to grab – NOW. True instances of attracting both to you, and if you read between the lines, which most idiots wont- HOW TO!

She doesnt even require me to say Goddess, that alone should be enough of a LESSON – but likely WONT – losers. Hehe.

Indian Femdom

“Ma’am, you’re so nice!”

And you gotta really FEEL it to say it!

Otherwise, there is no point just “saying the words” as it were.

I remember a lady Ivy once giggling when I asked her about foot massages, giving her one, if she liked it, etc.

“Everyone will like it! Of course!” she kept saying. 

Which I didnt quite get at that point (I mean I DID understand, who wouldn’t love being pampered and served) – but these days, as a recurring theme plays out in my mind for my wife?

Whose got such lovely feet, soles, who is SO DOMINATING, more so by the day!

“Ma’am, you’re so nice!” 

I say that when massaging her soles, I say that when I see her feet and just “drop down and kiss them anyway” – I say it when I press her back and shoulders, I say it …well, all the time, for no reason!

“Ma’am, you’re so nice!” I keep telling her. Hehe. 

Initially she didnt pay much attention to the words, but repetition of the same chant, the same affirmation, the same incantations – leads to BELIEF – and as Claude Bristol rightly said, when that belief turns into a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN.

And they did a long time ago with my wife!

She drives me insane with lust, keeps me in lust, horny, much like a denied woman – except I love it and in some cases she doesnt even know it!

Maybe I should add it to the list of affirmations in “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a flame!“.

Maybe I should just direct you to the spellbinding and RESULTS PRODUCING book on attracting femdom to you – the MAIN book – “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – a book that has gotten rave reviews not just from horny men, but WOMEN too (and we all know women think with their real minds, not like men thinking with their dongs!) … and a book that produces real life results (hence the real life examples in the book).

Get these two now if you really want to live the female dominated passionate life of your DREAMS!

(and I know many of you do).

She’s so nice, Ma’am, you’re SO NICE! 

??On other fronts I was watching a movie the other night, two African dudes were in the movie, I remember, all I was doing was thinking of their DICKS!

Didnt hurt the movie had a prostitute in it as well.

But those men … face, or anything else, except their bodies and dicks, i didnt really look – or care – about anything else!

That sexy African accent though! Hehe.

It truly did get this sissy hot…

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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