Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

Ma Ji, Paye Lagu, Malkin … JI! PART FOUR!

The merest of glimpses they say, man, this lady has me so hooked around her little finger – or little toe – or all of ’em!

If you dont know who she is and are on my list – well, you aint been paying attention! And if you’re here via Google or what not, do a search, you’ll see!

For now, as another wondrous day proceeds, and the lords, Gods, and Goddesses, not necessarily in that order, bless me so as they always have – THANK YOU!

And the first thought I had in mind? Or two?

One, to kiss the Indian maid’s feet that works upstairs, just touch her feet, kiss them! I KNOW she can feel it, I can feel her thinking about it – me – I’m an it, hehe – now!

And two, to kiss the other lady’s feet – soles – TOES, pretty or not and just say thank you for existing!

I should really write more odes – both to Indian ladies (maids in particular!! They SO deserve MORE worship, never enough!!! And they can be SO NICE AND DOMINANT, makes it all worth it!!) – and to this lovely lady – and put it out in book format.

Maybe I will, given the success of my other odes.

But really, every time something good happens, I kiss a woman’ foot and say thank you, so I can attract MORE GOOD TO ME!

That’s not explicitly mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland china” – or “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract TRUE AND LASTING FEMDOM TO YOU like moths to a flame on AUTO PILOT‘.

But, its there in every line, word, breath – as I write everything I do ?

The words Paye Lagu, Madam ji – flash through my mind.

So they SHOULD.

Along with all my goals.

Keep the vision in mind, and attract you shall, surely as the sun sets and rises!

And that, friend is that.

Paye Lagu Ma Ji,, 10 times for each lovely Goddess like TOE, and maybe 1000 times for each inch of your soles!

Id beg to suck dick for you, you’re so NICE!


Mike Watson

PS –  I CAN FEEL the heat between THEIR legs. And THEIR ASSHOLES! I’d SO love to massage them, pleasure them both, they so DESERVE IT!

And Cuckold Compilations contains plenty of spicy hot TRUE tales of me doing it for Jerome and Su, if cuckolding is your thang, and it is for a lot of you?

Then you’ll want to get this NOW.

’nuff said!!

Indian Femdom

The three Indian maids in the park, who are…

All around me, while working out – women today!

A gaggle of older Bengali ladies – so many MEMORIES THERE!  (Bengal ladies like Chinese ladies and ladies from the North East – all physcially close to each other along with South Indian ladies, some of the most dominating ever, trust me on this, and BRATTY To BOOT!)

And the three maids, they sit there often, today, one had one foot scrunched underneath her – so nice! The TOES were speaking, so was the sole, I kept sending submissive musings her way.

Paye Lagu, MAlkin, I so wish I could have pressed your feet THERE!

In the sun, as I missed Maji, and her husband – with those lovely nipples and tits he has, I so want to suck and give him PLEASURE! I KNOW he’d erupt … in ECTSASY, I feel so female and want his thick Hosepipe COCK – DONG!


Anyway – the smell of his cock is already in my nostrils, I can feel them clucking away at me and making taunting kiss noises – you know what I mean, right?

Like someone beckoning a dog, or someone teasingly yet demeaningly blowing a kiss at you like they were throwing bones to a dog – like the ladies out there the park often do.

Yes, Jerome and Su did it all the time with that lovely cock of his!

Second maid had her SHINS showing.


She was wearing stockings.

And this pattern repeated itself across the park, almost in a trance, going home, female gardeners all around me, me staring at their dust caked feet, one (the head Madam) with socks on that I wanted to take off, the anklet too …

Those feet, so dusty!

So worship worthy

All those women were – are, and thats all I saw!

If you want the world to be femdom wonder filled all around like this?

Well, pick up A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland now, and start attracting femdom to you NOW.

If after reading all this it STILL doesn’t inspire you to follow suit, you’re not into femdom, period, and you shouldn’t be on the list, neither would I want you on it. It’s nothing personal, its just the way it is my friend. Too many excuse makers and procastinators have joined as of late, I’d rather have DOERS.

Speaking of which, remember too, to pick up the books on femdom affirmations along with the above.

I’m in femdom heaven – already. Not that I wasn’t born with it.

Paye Lagu, Malkin … JI!

You’re SO NICE!

And you make it SO WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom


It isn’t often I lose complete control of myself in public – no matter how dominating the lady is, or luscious her soles are but with this Queen and Goddess in the park – it happens quite, so often! I almost spasmed in my pants this afternoon!

Though, it wasn’t obvious. Hehe.

I was doing pull-ups, and those lovely fat soles, first they were crossed, beckoning me,calling me – smooth as butter, I Could tell, and Madam was oiling them herself, poor lady!

I SO wish I could do it for her shins and soles – and her husband with small man tits and dark back – I’d oil him in the sun like the sissy I am too!

I still remember thinking how sensitive his NIPPLES must be – I wanted to suck! Give him pleasure, give THEM pleasure, thats a sissy’s REAL JOB, to please, to serve, any other way, you’re NOT a real sissy, boy!

I so can feel my tongue, talented, snaking, slithering on those NIPPLES. I bet they’re sensitive.

I’d even squeeze the tits like Madam Venus did me – or then again, maybe I wouldnt. I know better, muah!

But back to ma’am.

Man, as I did pushups, it was increasingly hard to concentrate, those soles moved so naturally as she moved about, and I sent my pious greetings, minstrations – all of it to them!

Somehow I know they knew. Her soles knew!

Damp in the sun, comfortable, warm, hot, Madam relaxing, on her stomach, moving from one pose to the other, i’d be dedicated to those soles and press them any which way.

I was literally talking to the creases all throughout, really , my friend, I wish I could just go up to ask her to allow me to give her a foot massage, I’d do it for hours, I’d keep rubbing oil till those feet became smoother than butter x 10!

Not that they aren’t already.


She’s fat. Shes out of shape, yet, I’d press her ass all day, whatever she wanted. Literally, all she’d have to do is BECKON ME, I’d be hers! I’d do anything for her. Actually, I already AM HERS, Id happily suck dick for her in public too!

She is SUCH A GODDESS – and so deserves it!


Please allow me a life under your heavenly SOLES, serving you, forgetting ALL ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma ji, paye lagu … Memsahib… JI!

You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson (and thank you, Ma’am, your soles always drive me out of control, they’re SO WORTH IT!)

Maybe someday I’ll worship her and write about it, for now, my tales of Indian femdom contain plenty of this sort of, and way more WOMAN WORSHIP, which is the way to live my friend.

Get you some NOW.

Indian Femdom

Broad feet, gleaming TOENAILS!

Short one, this, but the feet – SO BROAD!

The toes – SO GLEAMING!


And they were all around me, all around me, and as they sit there, here are the pair of slippers I wrote about this morning  –

Words do NOT do justice to how I feel about these precious gems, the lady, her dominance, her GLEAMING eyes when I speak to her, and satisfied eyes, those lovely LONG feet – I’ve seen Indian ladies with lovely broad feet – the ones without broad? LONG FEET! SO NICE! ..

I so wish I could kiss those repeatedly, and take them to bed with me!

Like I wrote about, and then these … this FOOT, sole, so GRIMY AND SMELLY, smells so RIPE!



I’m out.

Be sure and grab some tales of Indian femdom here – 

And thats really all there is to say here !


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

The imprint of the maids lovely, sweat ridden, GRIME…

I just saw them!

Her lovely white slippers, the maid that works in a house above mine, and the slippers – the IMPRINT of her feet – FIRMLY on them!

Even the “lines” on the toes were visible, my – I shook with devotion and lust as I passed by. I wanted to take a picture, I so did!

But, she might have giggled if I did. Which isn’t a bad thing, is it?

This maid wore – or wears RED shoes normally, I thought – like the maid I keep seeing sitting at the park, their feet are exactly same, LONG, beautiful, toes ALWAYS painted red, both are very dominating too!

You can tell by the way she STAMPS her feet, my SO once knowingly said.


I can tell by the look in her EYES!

Tired, creased eyes, yet, the SPARKLE in them when she sees me. Madam truly – KNOWS!

A real man once made the comment about “men who wear flip flops are not situationally aware and not real men”.

I don’t know about that.

But yours truly wears them a lot! Hehe. All the time, almost, but he’s right in a way, I wore them – or used to – Chinese style, when hiking, and they broke once – and Carol, who was with me at the time was so upset “How do I leave you here like this!”

Well, I’d have walked home barefoot I guess. Hehe.

But – slippers!

Could be Miss Summer’s pink slippers, Rachna Ma’am’s slippers.

Could be … Ms Priyanka’s slippers I so LOVED, cherished, worshipped, used to put on my pillow every night after the unfortunate seperation at the end of book #3 in the series.

Good things NEVER last – or do they?

Yes they do – the Sequels are yet more proof of the magical, wondrous ways in which the subconscious mind works to attract right, and PERMANENTLY – if you let it do its thang!

And the tips in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from Mainland China” will NAIL it – pun not intended, and intended, hehe.

And right now, I’d take this lovely maid’s white slippers to bed, and sleep with them on my pillow, kissing the soles, breathing in the smell, putting her feet on my lap to press them, asking her to call me “Tu” (rude in the local language), and just serve her in general – kiss her deeply – while SHE ENJOYS!

she is SO NICE, so dominating, so …flirtatious, so DESERVES IT!!

Paye lagu, Madam ji, thank you for being in my life, briefly albeit – and for allowing me a glimpse at those lovely slippers, and the FOOT IMPRINTS!

I KNEW there was a reason I saw foot imprints from my own shoes yesterday after the shit stuck to the sole FINALLY came off – on its own, almost, after I wrote about how I took it off Ms’s shoe soles all the time!

The wondrous ways of the subconscious mind, I cannot speak highly about it – enough!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

Do (Indian, in particular, hehe) ladies need an excuse…

PS – “Smooth like butter, it goes down the GUTTER”.

Prosaic, considering the PS for this was written before the actual email, but true considering the contents of it! Hehe.

My course Sissygasm Central will make sure that hot STICKY cum – that feels SO GOOD – flows down like BUTTER, literally! The best sticky ever… Just make sure it doesnt stick the CHUTE it goes down together permanently, though even that feels good for sissies…

Anyway –

Do Indian ladies need an excuse to show their lovely FEET ? Actually thats ladies in general!

(I have not even written the title of the email as yet, we’re doing things backwards, no pun intended! Heh for a god – goddess – GOOD reason!).

I dont think so. And thats great!

A long, long time ago, I wrote about when in India, listening to a channel “radio mirchi” which was manned by a guy and girl – or should I say womanned, as the girl was far bubblier and the voice, so nice ! – which they’d play songs on, if you remember – and make wisecracks about just about anything.

Now, winter is especially severe in the subcontinent with no indoor heating etc for the most part, even in the coldest areas of the country.

And so, your FEET freeze sitting in those ice cold blocks – even with shoes.

Ladies, of course, find any excuses not to wear socks, and so the girl on the show was “taunting” some of the other ladies that were complaining about the cold, and i’ve written about this before…

“Fashion ke vajah se moje nahi pehne to kya meri galti hai?”

Not my fault you didnt wear socks for the sake of fashion, bitch, was the drift!

Remember, girls can use the term! 😉

But as summer slowly starts to arrive in this part of the world, all I see around me?

Feet – slippers – soles – and more feet!

Bare feet everywhere – mostly female!

And this applies to china too, but for some reason more the subcontinent, maybe those lovely big feet, broad feet – LONG feet, as the maid coming down right NOW has … long toes, the RED color on the nails SO prominent always as I wrote about yesterday – MY!

What a mecca for foot lovers, fetishists, and submissives in general!

It reminded me of what happened, and HAS HAPPENED damn near every time I buy a new pair of sports shoes in India.

Inevitably, without meaning to?

I Step in some form of poo, which is ubiquitous it seems on Indian roads!

The dirt and grime in India – ugh. One of the many negative thing about the place, real sad part, its considered “normal” so no-0ne really cares, those that have been out of the country know tho!

Ma’am – I can hear your voice!  the maid…

Anyway, ladies have this issue too.

Some of them, like Ms Priyanka – would INTENTIONALLY step on dog poo – along with chewing gum and other stuff – and make me clean it off her soles.

While she’d laugh.


The smell was NASUEATING!

But from a femdom perspective, think about it, scraping poo, especially well stuck turds off soles?

Not a task that is easy without ruining the sole of the shoes by scraping it as I once did…a

Only way to do it, manually, tediously, by hand, sniffing the noxious mixture .. real femdom!

Making her life EASY is what it’s about -as I keep mentioning in the book on affirmations (books). 

Any other way – NOT real femdom!

Anyway – welcome in the spring in many parts of the world my friend by partaking of some of our world famous books – readers have reported cumming just reading.

And I dont blame ’em!

STOP postponing that purchase, you know and I know you WANT IT.

Give in – enjoy – and let the Universe take care of the rest!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

There she was,cleaning in the splits! (squats, actually!)

Those big eyes looked at me, the slim body hot, the body in a squat – cleaning – and squatting – Asian style, the way most people CANNOT even get into for a moment – yet, Indian maids, many in India, China and the subcontinent can sit in in hours – one of the best postures for both sissies and “regular folks” in terms of regular and other fitness – one of the postures covered in Sissy Workouts – not only does it let you sissies get better at TAKING it (yes!) – but also general mobility in the thighs, hips and especially hamstrings – a much ignored part of the body – not good!

The hamstrings are what really “lift the leg up for those sexy poses” – either during sex or not. If you look at the leg lifts martial artists do so effortlessly, most of it comes it from the back – glutes – and hamstrings – not so much the thighs which are important, but not nearly as much as you’d think.

Sissy Workouts focuses on things both for real fitness- and sissy fitness – all in one!

But anyway, I opened the door, she asked me who it was for, she was cleaning in that position I spoke about above – a position Ms Priyanka taught me SO many years ago that was impossible for me to get into when I first started it, now, I can sit for hours in it, massaging feet like a servant, washing dishes, cleaning, in the most obesquious manner possible, and keep going like a machine – not even feel it!

Servant, fitness fanatic, both – you decide. Hehe.

She is so lovely this older Indian maid, those LONG feet, those big eyes, always willing to talk, the lilt in her voice, I cannot tell you how many times Ive wanted to kiss her feet when I see them, put her socks on for her, her shoes too!

A short while ago though, the OTHER Indian maid showed up – my lovely dark skinned one – the older lady with big boobs, perfect body- SUCH SEXY FOREARMS with that one “kada” (bangle as they call it) … that LOOK in her eye, the way she says “bhaiya ji!” to me in a sweet voice, always polite (big brother in Hindi, though she’s older than me most likely) …

… in my dreams!

She was cleaning effortlessly – legs spread wide – in the SPLITS!

One of the best exercises there is for the core – to relieve stomach issues – strengthen the entire core and girdle like nothing else – relieve constipation, IBS and other bowel issues – and done right, strengthen the hamstrings beyond belief.

Sissies need to do this exercise daily – period – so do REAL MEN!

And the two versions are almost the same, I show you the slight difference in the book, but they’re both great and should be done.

Anyway, I spoke to her in the dream. My S.O. got pissed off.

I believe I even – crime of all crimes – asked her to let me speak to her! Hehe.

And I did, and the sparks FLEW. MY!

She was touching me, speaking to me …

“Halka kar dun, Bhaiya ji?” 

(should i lighten the load (in my balls) big brother)?


One touch from her, I’d cum – buckets!

And I so want to kiss both these older ladies forever, they so deserve it.

So flirtatious, so KNOWING, so NICE!

Back to splits, GREAT way to enjoy cowgirl – or sissygirl, taking it up the ass – opening up the anal passage right i.e having the FLEXIBILITY to do so right – without fatigue, injuring yourself.

Waking up, thats precisely what I thought of.

Her enjoying my dick – while in the splits.

“Maje le Leti hun!”

Let me enjoy it too!

And so she should, so she SHOULD!!!!! Madam SO DESERVES IT!

Indian maids – out there in the park, at home or otherwise, well, what can I say … Just so feminine is the word that comes to mind!

And it’s SO NICE!

Paye Lagu Malkin! I tried to be the best maid for Priyanka – never as good as YOU THOUGH!



Mike Watson

PS – On to biz – remember to place the pre-order for Sissy Workouts NOW if you have not already. I’ve put off increasing the price on this one for months now, but I cannot in good faith wait any longer. So place your pre-order NOW if you have not already, this book promises to be, as with all of my other books “one of a kind”. Reserve your copy NOW.

PS #2 – Remember to pick up some stories of Indian femdom here too!

Indian Femdom

The dust on Madam’s well worn HOLY CHARAN –…

Women, my friend, love their feet – no matter what. And even a woman with very limited means – 99.9999% of the time, even 100%will do what she can to take care of them. And if you’re a keen observer – it will show.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

The feet, and my – as I write this, my SO is burning incense, which is NOT a coincidence – not that I believe in those anyway – the feet, and their vibe – the way they WALK, land on the GROUND – the way the slipper CLACK up againt the soles (some women have that habit, a friend once told me it was very annoying – but it signifies MORE Dominance!) … all of it points and is an open window to the dominance of the lady, her INNATE dominance she was born with.

So it should be!

In a famous Hindi movie, the lead actress once told the lead actor.

“Anken andar ka hal batati hai, bas padhne wale ki nazar honi chahiye”.

The eyes tell you what I’m feeling, you just need to know how to read ’em.

And, this same thing holds true for FEET – and soles!

I’ve written enough about talking to her soles.

ALL applies equally to FEET too!

And as I saw the Indian lady, a laborer, a category of woman I haven’t written about much, but they do lot of backbreaking labor is very difficult conditions – often building houses, carrying loads of bricks on their heads in saris and slippers if you get my drift- she was walking on the road, pink slippers clacking away – feet worn, slippers worn, DOMINANCE might be the last thing you think.

It was the first thing I felt.

The toes were painted red, amidst the dust on her feet, everything else, they were grimy, but even the littlest toe stood OUT so proudly as the feet walked CONFIDENTLY, splayed out!

Clack, clack!

Madam, Paye lagu!

The TOES WERE LITERALLY GLEAMING RED!!!!!! Even that little toes, so PROUD …!!!!

So much so I took my shoes off while writing this, while washing my hands later, I wanted to wash her feet!

I can just imagine how rude and arrogant Madam would be – if given half a chance.

And I’d willing serve her tired soles all day, give her money, and …

… it’s innate dominance, that vibe SHINES THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT!a

And so it should.

Madam, please allow me to eat the dust off your slippers.



Mike Watson

PS – India truly CAN be a mecca for femdom and feet lovers. Read all about my tales of worshipping Indian ladies here. All smoking hot, and TRUE by the way, which is what counts. Leave an honest review, and you’ll get an additional 10% off your next purchase – guaranteed!!

Edit – a few hours later, you know I’m a true submissive when I’m doing pushups out there, and I manifest dusty female feet every time chest touches that ground – and knowing giggles all the time. Seriously, not EVEN KIDDING. And I’m so happy for it! xx

And, I saw another example of what i spoke about a few hours earlier. Madam squatting down publicly washing dishes, big broad feet – and that MAIN BIG TOE – red nailpaint (nailpolish is referred to this way in India!) – STANDING OUT!

I almost bent down and kissed the foot as I passed by. Madam, thank you, you’re so NICE!

Indian Femdom

PERFECT Madam Pooja, and who I woke up to…

Maybe it was a dream. Maybe it wasn’t.

But I heard the harsh, strident, and CONFIDENT voice yelling outdoors as I woke up, or almost did.

Yours truly prefers peace and quiet for the most part, and while working yours truly HATES distractions of any nature.

But when it comes to Pooja Madam Ji, things are different!


This regal lady, this goddess, this Princess, this … I have run out of terms to describe her, but as I lay there, half awake, half asleep, I so wanted to hear her SHOUT at me.

“Chalu rakh!” as I kept massaging her feet, calves visible until mid calf as she lay there, lazily sprawled on the bed … with other servants massaging her arms!

I remember an old Hindi “show” I once saw wayyyyyyy back in the day.

When yours truly was “ye young”.

An old, fat lady was sitting there … but a deliciously dominant lady. A lovely, dominant lady!

And she sai dthe following.

“Mard mere per dabate hai!”

And sure enough (the Hindi translation was “men massage my feet!”) she had two men rubbing her legs … as she reclined on the sofa, so CONFIDENTLY talking to the person in front of her about it!

That confidence is what turns me on the most!

Not the look in her eyes (well, that too of course!) so much as the confidence which of course creates the look in her eyes! 😉

And back to Madam Pooja JI.

Pooja Memsahib.

As I heard the voice, I SO wanted to lick those dusty soles.

Massage her all night long!

“Press her legs”, as she wants me to obviously after a hard day and as I’d like to!

And make references to her age (she’s a good 10 years or so older than me), and in a flattering manner!

Her feet are so royal, just so royal!

“Madam ji, ap ke Charan saf karne hai!”

Out of this world gorgeously DOMINANT MADAM JI!

(Madam, I want to clean your lotus like, Goddess like feet!).

And so on and so forth.

She gave me a giant hard on as soon as I woke up (dream?? ID ont know! ;)) that has NOT gone away as yet, hehe.

And she’s gorgeous!

And thats what I gotta tell you today. Have at!


Mike Watson

PS — Read all about perfect Garima Madam, another IMPERIOUS and dominant force of nature right HERE — . . .

PS #2 — That sole shot of Pooja Madam’s! Is it any wonder that (or a related picture) is on the Watson faithful page?? !

Indian Femdom

Why older women not considered traditionally beautiful or “young”…

Or, I could say why I love “old and fat” women, those that have “pumped out kids” (as so many men say!) — and worshipping their asses, feet, soles, armpits …

Dont get me wrong.

I dont discriminate based upon age, women are women — and are all so gorgeously dominant.

But older women just HAVE it — that dominant vibe x 10!

And the maturity to GIVE subs what they want.

So, asses, feet and soles? Older women?

Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

Especially the first and third category!

And of course those STRONG hands slapping me!

YEARS of experience doing so or wanting to do so, and Madam Aa Chie, that lovely lady of the night who took me in hand SO EXPERTLY — and did NOT do what she was paid for — and I loved it! — her mother was of the latter bent of mind.

I remember licking the CRUD off the older lady (60+)’s asshole like never before.

As she slept comfortably, legs splayed out like a MAN’s, with NO fear of me entering her (I was locked anyway, hehe) — — her soles reminded me so much of my Grandmother’s who I wrote about before.

Big soles.

Uncared for soles.

And they need to be pressed, boy, as Madam was told in the movie “Anmol”, which I never watched past the femdom. Hehe. Rather boring movie from what I can tell but the fem dom made it worth it!

Dekhi kya rahi hai! Daba!

Dont look at me bitch! Press my soles!

I so wish I was doing it!

And a lady of the night — and her mom?

Worshipping a lady (Aa Chie) who gloatingly spoke of the manly customers whose cocks she sucked, cum she drank and then tweaked my nipples lovingly and said “not yours though, sissy!”

Worshipping her old mother that not even the most ardent fetish enthusiast would want to do?

To me that is REAL FEMDOM.

That doesn’t mean you don’t worship “young and beautiful” — you do.

Madam PearlPrincess Joanie, the lovely Sophia Bai (well, she was getting on a bit!) and more!

But it DOES Mean you pay equal attention to all ladies, which can be a chore sometimes, hehe.

Which one to worship more.

Tough one to call!

But as THAT ex of mine once told me (the one who told me to go to counseling, and she’s unfortunately no longer with us due to the plague from China) …

“If anyone, I’ll massage those rickshaw puller’s feet in India!”

A highly barbaric practice, of course, which persists to this day in india in Kolkata at least, despite the Communist government officially outlawing it where humans beings pull more priveleged and fat ones like BEAST of burden.

I get her point!

The pioneering course on Bollock Busting by Mike Watson, “femdom au extraordinnaire”. There truly is NO other like Watson that “goes deep” like NOBODY does, and where NO-ONE has gone before!!

(She told me to think of sunflowers when I thought of her. I am now. I’m sure she’s in heaven weaving a spell over men with that lovely blond hair and her lovely FEET!)

Anyway, thats why I love it. Worshipping maids. Sex workers. Ladies of the night. The downtrodden.

And so forth.

And so should you, if yo’re a true femdom lover, and if not, you might as well leave this list NOW.

IT ain’t for you.

And Madam Carol, her of the lovely feet is ignorning me right now. I don’t know why. I’ll have to find out, but as I told her, I’m sure your husband wont mind me saying hi to you!

But she told me that story of an older lady with an younger man, and they both had no money apparently, or maybe the guy did, I don’t know — — yeah, I think the guy did.

And there was a 60 year old age difference.

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS — Pick up some lovely Indian femdom recollections right HERE

PS #2 — I so LOVE kissing the rolls of FAT — LOVINGLY — around Pooja Memsahib’s so called corpulent waist, and kissing the saggy buttcheeks, and the TREASURE WITHIN that I’d pay for , and do! Her asshole is the BEST!

(tough call, but still!)

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