Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

Why sari clad legs are so, so sexy –…

I’m watching a movie right now. It’s almost 1 AM in this here neck of the woods, but of course – working for oneself has its benefits!

It also means I’m always full of ideas.

And right now, more than anything else I wish for one thing.

That Pooja Memsahib JI was with me, lying comfortably on the sofa, one foot in my lap wagging away, and the other on my shoulders as it were a foot rest. Or wherever she chose…

… preferably as she smoked, drank, and IGNORED me, watching the very alpha male movie I’m watching!

That sari clad leg.

That orange sari, that blue sari hiked up to ankle, or mid calf. JUST THE RIGHT amount!

You get to see only the lower part of my body, boy!

That means the ankles. Feet. And soles of course, which you get to know better than YOURSELF, boy!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib – you’re right.

So was Susan Madam Ji!

But I’ve written often about the sari, and how it lends itself so expertly to femdom.

The back and shoulders are usually always visible, ready to be ‘pressed’ at a minute’s notice!!

The tummy – corpulent as it were is always visible.

WORSHIP those layers of fat, boy!

And when it comes to Pooja, I DO worship them.

Susan. Pooja. Any lady. It’s never about her body, boy!

HER MIND is what counts.

And that lovely foot wagging away, as I keep pressing it as she watches brings back memories of another girl.

A lady that enslaved me SO expertly from the word go.

A lady to whom my FIRST book on femdom was (is) dedicated.

That being, my Ms. Priyanka!

Perfect Ms. Priyanka!

It all started that night when we were watching a movie at her house, with her putting her lovely feet up on the table, and myself concentrating more on that than the movie!

Those pink slippers.

Those flip flops I’ll always hold dear to me.

She wasn’t big on saris.

But she was big on shorts, and those lovely legs I pressed after her dancing all night long, andcoming home to her sissy?

I’ll always remember those times!


Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

You’re a Goddess, and no less!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

“Chappal Marungi!” … BOY!

More on Indian femdom, and the lovely S.O. of mine right now … who just tol me the following.

(this was after she told me to “bhag!” means “run away” post a request of mine to her to “give me some time to write to you”, hehe).

Even she knows how important my sites are to me, hehe, and being she believes in femdom herself, well … (and enjoys the PROCEEDS from it, as she should, well!)

But anyway, we had some disagreement. Of sorts.

She didnt agree.

And laughingly, she told me what she told me Madam Mona would do to me all those months ago.

“Moona Joote Madegi Tere Ko!”

(Mona will beat you with her shoes, boy!”

“Chappal se marungi!”

“I’ll beat you with my flip flops, boy!”

And nice pink flops they are too, hehe. Bought by yours truly.

And yours truly has history with flip flops!

Could be Miss Summer, an dher pink slippers!

Or Carol’s pink slippers!

Or, perhaps Ms. Priyanka’s pink slippers that I held close to me all those months we were “seperated”, little but knowing that life has a funny way of turning full circle when you LEAST expect it.

Sylvester Stallone, a favorite actor of mine once had the following to say.

You gotta keep buying those lottery tickets, because you just never know, my friend. You never know!

His life changed in a year with the release of the sleeper hit Rocky, so what he was saying was – keep hitting it – NEVER, ever give up – even when it looks the bleakest, because the darkest hour is often and always indeed before the dawn!

So it was with Miss Priyanka and me, and you can read about that in the Sequels, of course.

But for now, slippers have even more of a “negative” connotation in the subcontinent than other places.

And being “beat” or spanked by those slippers, or even looking at them … well, it’s a MECCA for femdom lovers, I’ll tell you that!

Especially if one of them accidentally hits those dangling cuck balls, hehe.

Tickle, tickle.




And I remember that so well as Madam Mansi once did to me all those years ago. Then the lovely Ms Chen, until my “wife” came along …

And so we come full circle on this post!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji … and your “chappals” too! All worship worthy!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom


I still remember Perfect Ms Priyanka, that sole outstretched, ready to KICK me with the HEEL!

Or, imperiously waving me away with ONE finger … the forefinger … pointed straight at me …. nails painted RED!

With that LOOK in the eye that SCREAMS “inferior being” more than anything else, and the sheer confidence and dominance!

Usually, what she’d tell me afterI served her, either “calmly” or with that lovely kick from her perfect soles would be this.

“Off with you, boy!”

“Run away …. boy!”

as if talking to a little kid.

And it just added to the humiliation!

But she was good at English, of course, and though she taught me a lot of Hindi, the bulk of our conversation was always in English.

Ditto for my Chinese femdom experiences – though I learned a lot at their feet( notjust language, hehe) … our communication was mostly done in English.

For a GOOD reason (read the post about Anne, and how it ended up !)

(I think I posted about that here …. or perhaps in Missed Femdom Experiences – yes – that book – a must read!!)

But anyway, my SO just said the same thing as I requested her for a few minutes alone.

“Ja! Bhag!”

And thats like what Pooja Memsahib … JI tells me so often in that gravely tone of hers!

And with that foot staring straight at me equally imperiously!

Pooja means “worship” in hindi.

I and I do that a LOT for her!

I do, I mean. I wish there were two of me to do it, hehe.

But really. Shes such a Goddess.

Femdom done in LOCAL language, be it Chinese, or Hindi – or whichever Indian language – they have a LOT is just so different in that MINUTE WAY!

That different SOUND to it!

In a language She is comfortable with, with all th edifferent connotations! 😉

And thats what it’s about for the discerning femdom lover, hehe.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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(or, just pick up the books individually, but I’d rather a deal! ;)).

PS #2 – Isn’t that outstretched SOLE, ready to KICK you just so SEXY, slave boy!!

Yes, MADAM … JI!! (Garima did this quite often too!) .

Indian Femdom

Goddess Vandana’s OH SO PERFECT FEET, and that ATTITUDE!

Paye Lagu, Madam .. JI!

And she was so perfect, and perhaps the ONLY high school teacher I remember, and had a crush on.

There were other more gorgeous ones.

There were other COMMANDING ones.

Including one which once famously (and she said this!) made the “I’ll crush you under my feet like a COCKROACH, boy!”

(And yes, she did say boy, because we WERE boys then, hehe. Young boys at any rate, and I remember how DOMINANT Madam was , and that imperious LOOK to her!)

But perfect Madam Vandana was different.

She was dominant.

And she had the RIGHT amount of “constantly exasperated” and “playfulness” to her!

And when she wanted to be strict, she could be!

And she was gorgeous!

That lilt to Madam’s voice.

Those lovely feet I spoke about so often, toes always painted BRIGHT RED, boy!

The amount of times I masturbated to her after school.

In my dirty “fountain pen wiping” ink cloth, which of course these days is the sticky cloth full of DRY sweet CUM I write about so often! (and sitting next to me, hehe).

And … more!

But this isn’t about cum.

Mine, or Master’s!

It’s about perfect Madam Vandana, and though she’ probably just as old as Pooja now, I’d give ANYTHING to be under those perfect soles!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!


(Michael ………………………….. emphaszing the “L”. I still remember the way she said it, looking at me in THAT manner! What a Queen!)

(And her walking home hot and sweaty to the school bus…)


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Madam ke “Charano Ki Dhool” …


I’ve spoken often about femdom in India (the subcontinent), have written TOMES on it, and have indeed also spoken about the difference (at least as yours truly understands it, hehe) between the words “per” and “charan”.

The first is simply “foot” In English.

The second is too, but it has a holy connotation in the Hindi language (again, if all the smacks Ms. Priyanka admistered to the BACK OF MY HEAD while yours truly was squatting in a most uncomfortable INDIAN STYLE SQUAT – which most people cannot even begin to get into – and with her soles, of course, pointing straight at me as she RECLINED comfortably!) … and is used for Gods.

And Goddesses!

You’ll often see devotees wash God’s feet (Indian Gods or Goddesses) with water, and then drink it. Idols, of course!

But when it comes to Ms. Priyanka?

She is a GODDESS, and I washed her feet often and drank the water also, soap and all!

Because she deserves it.

And of course, licked her ass every morning … but wait. That is covered in the Sequels! 😉

But anyway, point of me saying this?

Is that if there are TWO ladies, two OLDER ladies and two ladies NOT considered “traditionally beautiful” and in the best of shape, it is these two.

Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan for Chinese femdom, and femdom in the mainland!

And perfect Madam Pooja Memsahib JI ….! With those lovely brown calves, second only to (or perhaps that is the other way around!) Garima Madam … JI!

The JI is important, boy, and you best not forget it!


And Pooja would often put her dirty feet up, after a day of walking and such, and her SWEATY soles would be staring me in the face!

“Per Daba!” she’d command.

“Press my feet!”

And it wasn’t so much the foot massage itself which was humiliating. It was the WAY in which she said it, and Indian ladies do it SO well with their servants, maids and washerwomen for one!

“Madam Ji, Per Daba du?”

Said in a soft, obseqious tone, and th eTONE, the VIBE, that is what is a turn on!

And I am indeed nothing but the DUST under those lovely maid’s soles as well, hehe, and I’ve written about that before!

Men do it too with male servants, but not quite as “acidly” as these lovely ladies from the subcontinent do.

IN real life, that ssort of thing is NOT good.

But over here, and fetish wise, and if it’s a man groveling in front of a superior WOMAN?

It’s awesome, and it;s how it should be!

Paye Lagu, Pooja Madam JI!

I’m indeed nothing but the DUST under your SOLES!


Mike Watson

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